Email Marketing

At Jason Cory Inc. (JCI), we want to help your business succeed. There are many ways this can be accomplished, but using email marketing is often the most cost effective and easiest.
We currently live in a world where if you aren’t on the web, you aren’t being found by customers. Not only that, but if you aren’t engaging them in some way, they are looking for a company that will. Instead of having customers come to you, find a better way to talk to them. That’s where email marketing comes into play.
Of course, it’s not enough to just send out and email and hope for the best. You have to approach the process right. You have to maintain an email database so you know exactly who to target and who to send your information to. 
At JCI, we have the ability to maintain your email database and furthermore we can provide email lists that will ensure you’re successful with your marketing campaign.
To help you with this, we follow best practices and ensure that the emails are engaging and responsive no matter what device a customer is using to read them. We are also 100% CAN-SPAM compliant and follow the guidelines set forth by the DMA.
Our email lists consist of over 22 million records and is comprised from licensed data including survey sites and sweepstakes, as well as third-party websites. 
We clean the data internally and use a secondary partner for data hygiene. This means that you are deplying to legitimate email address that will be read and seen by an actual person. 
Emails get your message and information directly in front of customers, as opposed to them coming to you to find it. It also gives them the chance to interact with the information when it’s convenient for them. They have the option of saving the email and coming back to it later. 
In a world where the web is a loud and busy place, you have to do what you can to be found. It’s not enough to have a website (although it’s important to have one), you need to find a way to engage directly with customers and let them know about your products. 
Email marketing is the best way to do that. 
However, maintaining email addresses and cleaning data requires a lot of time and dedication. You also have to know how to store the information properly. That’s why working with a professional such as JCI can be so advantageous. We’ll make sure that your data complies with the rules and regulations in addition to creating campaigns that will get the most engagement.

At JCI, we want to see you succeed, and we know how important data is when it comes to customers and to business to business (B2B) interactions. To get the best and cleanest data, trust the professionals at JCI. We do what we can to ensure that you get superior results.