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OTT Advertising

OTT Advertising allows you to reach people on the biggest screen in the house! I will collaborate with your team to deliver a high-impact, high-performance campaign that leverages the appeal of television powered by digital audience targeting.

Meeting Your Target Viewers Where They're At

Over-the-top TV (OTT), which is also commonly known as CTV or Connected TV, is the hottest digital video product on the market.  Platforms like Hulu and Pluto TV have replaced traditional cable services for many thanks to their on-demand library of high-quality programming. 


Leveraging these platforms ensures that your most desired viewers are being served ads while viewing programs they are most interested in. This means they encounter your content at a time of peak audience interest!

Why OTT Advertising?

OTT is one of the fastest-growing digital platforms with over 195 million users. Some reasons OTT advertising provides unique value include:


Many OTT audiences co-view content, meaning multiple sets of eyes on the same ad each time!

100x the Size

OTT only delivers to the biggest screens in the house. This means your ads can’t be missed.

Unmatched Value

Unlike more expensive broadcast cable, OTT allows for more direct ad targeting at far more scalable pricing.

A Proven OTT Track Record

As your business’s fractional CMO, I will create a strategic roadmap for your OTT campaign that is based on a proven track record of high-performance delivery. If your team does not possess the means to run an OTT advertising campaign in-house, I will provide you with the means to implement.

OTT Targeting Features

  • Site Retargeting - Retarget to those who’ve visited your website. 

  • Purchase Receipts - Reach viewers who have purchased products in your industry. 

  • Email Subscription - Leverage website newsletter signups to reach those who have engaged with your industry in the past. 

  • Geo-Fencing - Create a digital fence around geographic locations to deliver ads within certain regions most likely to respond to your messaging. 

  • Search Behavior - Use real search engine data to match your ads to user behavior. 

  • Demographic Data - Reach a specific group of people your message is tailored to.


Why Only Target the Big Screen?

I utilize the IAB definition for OTT advertising. This refers to driving ads to the biggest screens in the house. These campaigns deliver the best return on ad spend (ROAS) when delivered to these screen sizes.

How Large is an OTT Audience?

OTT is the fastest-growing video product on the market, with nearly 200 million users consuming content on these platforms regularly. This presents limitless untapped potential to reach new viewers.

How is OTT Performance Measured?

View Rate is the standard metric many use as a performance benchmark. However, OTT is constantly evolving and can include site and physical attribution reporting.

How Can I Track OTT Campaign Performance?

If you implement OTT with me, I will provide you with a detailed and interactive Live Report that shows you all performance data and provides advanced insights!

Get Started with OTT

If you’re ready to break into or elevate your OTT advertising, I’m here to help provide that roadmap for you. To get started, reach out anytime.

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