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Targeted Email Marketing

Go beyond standard email campaigns with highly sophisticated targeting capabilities. Reach audience members at their inbox and maximize conversion potential.

Stand Out Where it Counts

Have you found it frustrating when a digital marketing campaign fails to drive the results you’re expecting? With targeted email marketing, you can put the stress to rest. I will assist you in developing a strategy that combines excellent creative assets, engaging content, and excellent user experience.

Combining the reach of email, the power of targeting, and a holistic suite of digital solutions, campaigns are designed to drive the best possible KPIs for your business. My strategy is built on three primary tried-and-true tactics:

Remarketing Drops

With email marketing, frequency is everything. Remarketing drops allow you to deploy a second automatic email to targeted inboxes. Depending on your goals, you can remarket to openers, non-openers, clickers, and non-clickers alike. If they received the first email, they can be retargeted for the second!

Email Suppression

With suppression strategies, you can decide to not target certain users. This helps better control the flow of sent messages to only recipients you want to actually reach. 


Matchbacks are the true targeted email marketing powerhouse and are great for measuring ROI and ROAS. I will use matchbacks to match your current customers with those who have received your email. If your CRM system is currently tracking revenue generated from your email lists, you can also determine the actual revenue generated by the ones that are sent!

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What If I Cannot Implement Targeted Email In-House?

I will manage the implementation of your strategy for you if you are unable to do so in-house. 

How Are Users

Users are double-opted into databases. You are reaching out to target audiences who have provided prior consent to receiving emails!

Ready to Get Started on Your Next Targeted Email Campaign?

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