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Paid Social

With people spending an average of 3+ hours on social media per day, you can leverage these platforms to deliver highly-targeted campaigns based on a wealth of behavioral and demographic data. I can provide you with the strategy you need to scale your paid social campaigns like never before.

Why Invest in Paid Social? 

Social media grants anyone the opportunity to market themselves, but that does not guarantee desired returns. Due to social media’s ubiquity across billions of devices worldwide, everyone within your industry is leveraging these platforms to compete. 


This is where I come in. With some careful strategy and execution, I can assist you in elevating your business’s accounts into true drivers for your digital strategy.

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Design Your Roadmap and Then Execute
Your Campaign!

Does it feel like you do not have the time to oversee your paid social campaigns? If needed, I will also manage the implementation of the strategy that I create for you. All of my managed paid social services include a comprehensive live report that contains real-time data and insights to put your metrics in their proper context. 

Social Advertising Targeting Capabilities

  • Demographic & Interests - Reach specific groups of people based on demographic data or online behavior. 

  • Behavioral - Match targeting based on how your audience actually uses social platforms. 

  • Custom Audiences - Create narrowly targeted audiences based on the most minute of details. 

  • Lookalike Audiences - Reach new users similar to existing customers. 

  • Matched Audiences - Target specific prospects across social platforms. 

  • Lead Generation  - Deliver ads to target audiences directly.

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What Are the Best Platforms to Run My Paid Social Campaign?

I suggest using some or all of the largest four: Meta, TikTok, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Some may be better fits than others, depending on your business goals. As I assess your goals for your social campaigns, I will recommend the ones that are most likely to drive conversions for you.

What Do I Need to Launch a Campaign with JCI?

If I will be implementing your campaign strategy for you, I will need access to your existing business accounts on all social platforms where the ads will be delivered. If you do not have these accounts already made, I will create them for you.

How Do I Measure Campaign Performance?

Each social platform tracks metrics differently and heavily leverages first-party data. I will compile a holistic report for you that outlines platform-specific metrics along with contextual insights and recommendations for further optimization to enhance performance. 

What Type of Ad Creatives Do You Use?

Depending on the platform, these creative assets may include a variety of static images, image carousels, video, GIFs, and more.

Launch Your Paid Social Journey with Us

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