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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With my extensive background in SEO, I have developed successful organic search strategies for businesses across countless industries and Google core updates. As your fractional CMO, I  can help you develop the best strategy possible to help your brand rank competitively in search results.

SEO Services Aren’t One-Size-Fits-All

Each SEO campaign deserves unique attention. I don’t believe that the cookie-cutter packages many marketers try to force their strategies into have ever driven true success for any business. Instead, I emphasize the importance of developing a customized strategyto match your website’s individual needs.

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What is SEO?

Think of SEO as building a digital house for your business. Search engine optimization encompasses a variety of strategic tactics that position your website for improved organic search performance for long-term ROI. Similar to a home, you invest in its longevity and continue to maintain it so that it will appreciate and its value improves.

Unlike other digital channels, the SEO process generates the best results over time as your website builds industry authority, accrues quality backlinks from other sites, and matches more relevant keywords.

Fractional CMO SEO Services for Your Business

When you work with me on your SEO campaigns, here’s what you can expect: 

Proactive Strategy

SEO best practices have transformed drastically since the earliest search engines were first introduced, and I have seen most if not all of these evolutions. A proactive strategy will ensure that your website is always ready for any upcoming changes to these platforms that could otherwise impact organic search performance.


Data, Data, Data

I build strategies and offer insights based on real data pertinent to your industry. Whether you are looking to outperform your competitors, drive more leads and sales, or achieve page-one rankings for desirable search terms, I construct a roadmap to help you reach these goals based on real-time information specific to your business and its digital ecosystem. 

Become a Thought Leader

Leveraging high-potential keyword opportunities, I will assist you in creating a content strategy to transform your website into an authoritative presence in your industry that other websites can link to. This not only boosts your search performance, but it will also help influence the conversion cycle for visitors on your website.

SEO Implementation

If you do not possess the knowledge, skills, or bandwidth to execute your SEO strategy in-house, I will provide the service for you. Any SEO campaign that I oversee on your behalf will also include detailed reports and frequent communication so you always remain up-to-date on what is being done to boost your website’s organic traffic. 

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What are the Best Metrics to Measure SEO Performance?

The core metric that all SEO campaigns should measure is an increase or decrease in organic traffic over a reasonable period of time. Organic traffic is best measured on a year-to-year basis.

My Website Has a High Bounce Rate. Can that be Improved?

The industry average bounce rate ranges from 30-45%. If higher than this, there could be a few contributing factors. During my initial assessment of your website’s needs, I work to identify those factors and propose solutions to help retain visitor engagement once they land at your site.

Do I Need to Optimize for Mobile?

Absolutely. Mobile optimization is just as important as other device configurations, if not the most important. Since a significant portion of searches are conducted on mobile devices, you should optimize your digital presence to meet those users where they are at.

Why Do I Need to Add More Blogs to My Website?

Blogging can help build industry authority and provide your website with more relevant keywords to rank for. It also provides a creative avenue to introduce these desirable keywords by offering additional information and value to your ideal visitor.

Ready to Get Started on Your Next SEO Campaign?

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