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Shopping Feed Channel Management

Position your products in front of interested potential customers that are ready to take immediate action. Get your products listed on Amazon,,, Google Shopping, Bing Shopping and More. Let me help you back into your target ROI.

Why Shopping Channels?

Let's face it, you probably already are an Amazon Prime member. Like you, customers from around the globe are using platforms like Google Shopping and Amazon to find the products they want and utilizing their platform to complete their purchase. Why try to build an amazon, when you can take advantage of their daily existing large consumer traffic?


No Two Shopping Feed Management Channels Are the Same

Selecting the right shopping channel for your products is not a one-size-fits-all solution. You need to match the right products for the proper shopping channel.

In a competitive digital environment like eCommerce, remaining viable in the marketplace requires careful strategic planning that considers each shopping platform individually. I will leverage my eCommerce experience to help you navigate these crowded waters to stand out and showcase your products’ unique value to potential customers. 

I take the hard work out of this by listing your catalog of products on Amazon, Google Shopping, Google Merchant Services, Bing and More.

Ready to Hit the Shopping Channel Circuit? Let’s Work Together

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