Shopping Channel Management

Position your products in front of interested potential customers that are ready to take immediate action. Drive conversions and increase brand awareness with the unique marketing power of shopping channels.

Why Shopping Channels?

Some of the most successful consumer products in recent American economic history were first introduced to the mass market on shopping channels. These networks employ talented sales professionals that are experts in showcasing a product’s unique features and benefits. Better yet, most viewers of these programs are tuning in with disposable income and are ready to buy.

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No Two Shopping Channels (or Shows) Are the Same

Selecting the right shopping channel for your products is not a one-size-fits-all solution. You need to match the right sales personality to your products. For example, Emril can sell culinary products like no other, but would you want him to be the one pitching your crack sealer for pool liners? Maybe not. 


With a team of shopping channel consultants like JCI on your side, we can match you with the best possible fit for your products. We can help advise you on every aspect from sales and marketing materials to strategic preparation for when your items make their big debut on live TV!

How Are Shopping Channels Different from eCommerce Advertising?

Like shopping channels, an effective eCommerce campaign can drive brand awareness and pique consumer interest. However, with eCommerce campaigns, you are attempting to align your product’s keywords with users that are usually already aware of the types of products you offer and are searching for them. These qualified buyers are usually already aware of their needs or the product features they desire. 


On the other hand, shopping channels specialize in exposing consumers to products that they may not already be aware of. Partner your unique products with the right pitch-person, and it’s a match made in retail heaven.

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