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Website Design Services

Transform your digital presence into a stunning, dynamic home base for the rest of your digital marketing efforts. Whether you’re looking for a site refresh or to build one from scratch, I will assist you in creating a new website that that is built with your specific business goals in mind.

Wix and WordPress Design Strategy and Implementation

I bring wealth of experience in designing conversion-driven Wix and WordPress websites. Whether you need a few pages to showcase your business or an extensive library of content, I am ready to help you bring a fresh new aesthetic to your digital presence.

If you need help with designing your website, I can provide this service for you in addition to strategy and design. I work with a network of heavily vetted designers and developers to help you create a website that meets today’s best practices for driving the conversions you desire.

Website Design
Prototype Designer

Shouldn’t Judge a Book by its Cover - But Users Often Do!

Web design can make or break your business’s ability to thrive in a digital landscape. If your website appears old or outdated, or contains functionality errors, this can both drive users away to other sites and impact your SEO performance. 


The aesthetic of your site should complement the functionality and user experience. We take all of these touchpoints, and more, into consideration with each project.

The Process

I will work to understand your specific website needs and the scope of work required to make them happen. During this phase, I will also recommend necessary features to enhance the user experience and drive visitor actions that complement your business goals. 


During the process, I may also recommend new content or pages, a content refresh, or SEO tactics to drive maximum performance potential. If you also lack the means to implement these services in-house, I can assist you with these. 


Ongoing Maintenance

Looking for ongoing updates and maintenance? I can provide that for your new website as well. If you want to ensure the long-term health of your website, I also recommend that you consider adding SEO services.



Why Wix and WordPress?

Wix and WordPress are the two most dynamic, user-friendly, and easy to maintain content management system (CMS) solutions on the market. Many other similar CMS products are more difficult to manage and offer less features.

Can I See Previews of My New Website During the Design Process?

During the initial planning phase for your new website, I will be there through every phase. Whether you are designing the site in-house or letting me handle this aspect for you, I will be there to guide you through each step and make recommendations with your business’s best interests in mind. 

Why Should I Consider SEO for My Website?

A beautiful, new website is great to have, but without optimizing it, the chances of your content ranking for target keywords diminishes. This impacts your ability to reach users that would otherwise be highly likely to engage with your business. For long-term performance, SEO tactics can ensure that your target keywords are grabbing qualified organic traffic for your new site.

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