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Why You Need to Continue Investing In Your Digital Marketing During Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

I received a number of calls today from existing clients. All with the same request to halt or temporarily pause their digital marketing efforts during the Coronavirus pandemic markets recover and some sort of normalcy returns to our world and economy. It wasn’t a surprise that I would receive these types of calls, as i debated pausing my own google ads campaign to save a few bucks per month. Once I completed my call with each of them, I took some time to think about the reason why they should continue their efforts in the digital marketing space.

Here is my take on it.

Keep Creating New Site Content, While Others Are Not

Google’s algorithm favors websites with quality content. Furthermore, Google favors website’s with quantity of quality content. While other businesses batten down the hatches and shut down their content creation efforts, this is your opportunity to improve your search rankings, by creating new quality content to add to your website.

There are many unknowns about this situation, especially the major question: “How long will this last?”

Google’s Web Crawlers organically crawl and index a website every two weeks. Indexing new pages to add to their search results. If a business, who creates 2-3 pages on average a week, was to completely stop its content creation marketing strategy, then after this projected downtime, that would be 18+ pieces of content that they would miss out on before google started indexing their new content added to their website.

Your consumers aren’t slowing down. They are still buying! Amazon needed to hire 1,000’s of new employees to help with their overwhelming amount of online orders. People are anxious to put their money back into a heavily discounted stock market. Consumers are spending money on home improvement and people are thinking more about what they want to do with their money more than ever. 90% of the purchase process starts with a google search. Don’t miss out!


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